#BusStopLoves Series / Fashion Stylist & Muse DANIEL JOLIVETTE

We've invited some of our fave peeps to take part in our new #BusStopLoves Series.
During this 6 week series, we're interviwing our favorite fashion muses, photographers, models and creative friends who have inspired us greatly and have worked with us to tell our brand story over the last 13 years. 

Danile Jolivette stands out in a crowd. He is a beautiful creative, a fashion icon muse, a stylish visual merchandiser, and a dear friend of The BUS STOP Girls. Daniel modeled men's shoes for us a few years back with Conrad Benner and has also lent a helpful (fashionable) hand at many of our fabulous parties and in-house events over the years.

Native American & Unapologetic / Outspoken / Gay


1. How long have you lived in Philly? I have lived in Philly for about 7 years.

2. How do you describe yourself in THREE WORDS? Drop Dead Gorgeous

3. How would your best friend describe you in THREE WORDS? Sarcastic, Loyal, Spirited.

4. How did you start your career? I started working in retail while getting my fashion degree. I loved the discount on clothes and have never looked back.

5. Who's your mentor? My friend Melissa Alam is my mentor. She has always pushed me to step out of my comfort zone. Plus her advice always comes with laughter and a good time. It's a win-win.

6. What do you fantasize about? Well, my PG fantasy would be to live on a beach somewhere sipping margaritas with a handsome man.

7. What keeps you up at night? Currently, the pandemic and uncertainty about the future keeps me up at night...


8. How has the Pandemic affected you? The pandemic has caused me to lose my job. It has also taught me that I need to slow down. Before this all happened, I was constantly on the go and not taking time for myself. 

9. How has the BLM Movement influenced your life and your work? My parents have always been vocal when it comes to injustices. They raised me to stay diligent in the fight for equality. It's beautiful to see all the work that BLM has done and continues to do. It's more incredible to see the number of people who's eyes are now being opened to all the stuff that has been happening in this country.

10. What's one thing most people would be surprised to know about you? I have an extra toe...JK. I think people would be surprised to learn that I am way more senstive than I let on.

BONUS Q: What's your favorite spot in Philly. Apart from BUS STOP? I would say my apartment.

Daniel, we love you and hope our readers have an insight into your uniqueness and what's make you amazing!