Elizabeth Wellington Lifestyle Columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer

BUS STOP Loves / Elizabeth Wellington
For our new weekly series, we've interviewed our favorite Philadelphians...the photographers, collaborators, models, and creative friends who have inspired us greatly and have worked with us to tell our brand story over the past 13 years. They've each played a BIG part in our storytelling with their unique work and abilities. Every week, we will feature & introduce another one of our favorite folks to you.
We've asked that each guest ponder 10 Questions & send us their favorite selfie or self portrait to accompany the feature!

Elizabeth Wellington is a lifestyle columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer & Inquirer.com & recently her poignant writings have offered readers education & shined a light on racial injustices in Philadelphia. Her work serves as a call-to-action for change & equity in our city. Elizabeth is also a fellow style lover & she has supported BUS STOP through her shared love of shoes over the last decade.
1. How long have you lived in Philly? I can't believe it. But come December this is my 18th year in Philadelphia. I guess Philly is my home now. Who knew? 
2. How do you describe yourself in THREE WORDS? To borrow a line from my favorite TLC album: Crazy, Sexy, Cool.
3. How would your best friend describe you in THREE WORDS? Nervous. Nervous. Nervous. That's what my niece would say. I told her she was my best friend when she was born. She's 15 now and she still calls me that. :) 
4. How did you start your career? I was a part of the Dow Jones Journalism Program for High Students back in the early 90s. I never looked back. 
5. Who’s your mentor? I have so many over the years.  But right now, I'd say Vashti Dubois, founder of The Colored Girls Museum in Germantown. She's been helping me understand the important contributions Black women have made in this country -- and in Philadelphia -- at a time when women of color and people of color are fighting to be seen and respected. Black women are not after thoughts. Vashti's been helping me interject these ideas as themes in my column writing. It is not easy. 
6. What do you fantasize about? I fantasize about having all the time -- and resources -- in the world to create. I also fantasize about being able to do yoga every day. I fantasize about being so good at meditation that I actually levitate. 
7. What keeps you up at night? My family's health and safety. My health and safety. I'm not there yet, but Menopause. Not finishing my novel. 
8. How has the pandemic affected you? It's made me a little more neurotic. I worry all the time. I obsess. And I'm angry. I'm angry that our country has come to this.
9. How has the BLM Movement influenced your life and your work? On one hand I want to explain to people why Black Lives Matter all day, every day. And on the other hand I'm frustrated that we have to keep explaining this. I mean we never had to teach the ruling class how to be racist. Why is it up to us to teach them not to be?
10: What's one thing most people would be surprised to know about you? My favorite show of all time is "Little House on the Prairie."  I cry every time I watch it.
Elizabeth we love you! Hope our readers have some insight in what makes you so unique and amazing.