Designer KARA JUBIN owner of KkCO

We've invited some of our favorite peeps to take part in our new #BusStopLoves Series.
During this 6 week series, we’re interviewing our favorite designers, photographers, collaborators, models, and creative friends who have inspired us greatly and have worked with us to tell our brand story over the last 13 years. They've each played a BIG part in our storytelling with their unique work and abilities. Every week, we will feature & introduce another one of our favorite folks to you.

Kara Jubin is the designer and creative director of LA-based brand KkCo Kara is one of LA's emerging sustainable fashion designers. Back in May 2019, we traveled West and had the pleasure of shooting our BUS STOP X collection with Kara's designs in her sunny DTLA.




1. How long have you lived in Philly? I've never lived in Philly but always love visiting, especially when I lived on the East Coast.

2. How do you describe yourself in THREE WORDS? Energetic, Busy, Creative.

3. How would your best friend describe you in THREE WORDS? Intense, Fun and Control Freak.

4. How did you start your career? I got into the industry by interning and taking on relative jobs possible after graduating. Saying yes to any job small or big really opened up so many doors and introduced me to people that I still work with today.

5. Who’s your mentor? Honestly, all of my friends have been mentors to me at one point or another. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by such inspiring and ambitious creatives. I usually turn to my friends when I need guidance or opinions.  

6. What do you fantasize about? I often fantasize about traveling...even more so now that we can't :(

7. What keeps you up at night? Did I turn the iron off at the studio?

8. How has the Pandemic affected you? It's given me a lot of time to reflect on how the fashion industry operates and how I want to change the way we're a part of it.

9. How has the BLM Movement influenced your life and your work? It has taught me that I don't do enough and inspired me to do more. Both with KkCo and personally, I've vowed to contribute back to my community. I've started producing face masks to distribute for free at protests, started working with LA Community Fridges to offer free fresh produce to low income neighborhoods, and have created other initiatives for our brand that donate back to organizations. The whole BLM movement brought my attention to focusing on how to be supportive and to be an active member of my community.

10: What's one thing most people would be surprised to know about you? I personally tie-dye the majority of our pieces for KcCo myself!

BONUS Q: What's your favorite spot in Philly? BUS STOP Boutique :)

Kara, we love you and hope our readers have an insight into your uniqueness & amazingness in this series.