Shoe Stores in Philadelphia



At BUS STOP shoe boutique, we aren't just shoe salespeople. We really LOVE shoes with all of our heart and with every bone in our body. We wanted to bring you the Best Shoe Stores in Philadelphia. We spend hours upon hours season after season thoughtfully curating our boutique’s shoe selection, and we tell stories through each and every shoe.

Every season we have a new vision. We explore a newfound (or old) love each shoe buying season like focusing our eyes & efforts scouring a specific aesthetic, a new toe shape, a contemporary heel, the latest sustainable material…we even choose new shoe designers to carry at BUS STOP shoe boutique based off of their unique personal histories, stories, and of course ethical practices. Season after season we make new friends and introduce them to you at our shoe shop. We love making you sublimely happy when visiting us at the
boutique or online, so we mindfully curate, design, and offer up an uncommon collection of special footwear just-for-you and just for Philadelphia year after year.

Good things happen in Philly...

You, our loyal customers are our friends and you are the reason we keep going & growing! Your unwavering support for our shoe shop in-store and online keeps our doors open and our shoe selection abundant during such a challenging time for small businesses (and for everyone in our city). There is a silver lining always. Through turbulent times & challenges comes gratitude, community, creativity, new perspectives, innovation, and a collective shift towards the truth of our human desires & of our shared humanity. What we’ve come to realize is…community is everything.


Philly is a city of small businesses with unique visions. We deeply respect Philly’s diverse shoe scene and celebrate the other local Philly shoe stores who share that same undying love (ahem obsession) of shoes and a love of their unique customers as BUS STOP. From designer shoes to coveted sneakers to sexy heels to handmade shoe styles, Philly has you (and your feet) covered in style!

So why not share a little love with you and the other Philly shoe stores we admire?
Here is our list of the absolute BEST shoe stores in Philadelphia.
These shoe stores in Philadelphia are our favorites and deserve much respect for their distinctively PHILLY shoe game and strong Philly resilience and grit.
Read a little about each one here, show them a little love and give them a visit in-store or online.

Local independently-owned Philadelphia small businesses need your support now more than ever before, so here are our best Shoe Stores in Philadelphia.


1 / Head Start Shoes

ABOUT: “Head Start Shoes is a boutique shoe store opened in Philadelphia in 1978. Our merchandise is carefully selected by the owners and imported from Italy. We concentrate primarily on carrying companies whose products are manufactured in small factories. By developing relationships with these factories, we can be confident that the high quality of our shoes is consistent. In addition to developing relationships with designers and factories, we also pride ourselves in maintaining strong relationships with our customers. Whether you are a loyal, local Philadelphian who has been shopping with us for over thirty years, or a new international customer, your satisfaction is important to us and we are always happy to speak with you over the phone or through email and answer any questions that you might have about us or our shoes.”

FAVE BRAND: Halmanera

2 / Joan Shepp

ABOUT: “Joan Shepp . . . home of quirky, serious, and unexpected exceptional fashion in Philadelphia. Founded in 1971 in Lafayette Hill, Joan Shepp has since been recognized as one of the country's style leaders by publications Harper's Bazaar and Lucky Magazine. The store relocated to Center City in 1999, and is currently located at 1811 Chestnut Street. More than just a meticulously curated fashion boutique, for 45 years we have provided exceptional service, exclusive designer events, and most importantly, a space for the fashion community to play, discuss, explore, and discover new designers and innovations in the industry. Our attentive stylists provide exceptional service with a wealth of fashion knowledge, creating a uniquely intimate Shepp shopping experience.”

FAVE BRAND: Balenciaga

3 / Boyds

ABOUT: “FOUR SCORE AND FOUR GENERATIONS AGO...My great-grandfather immigrated from Russia with nothing but his dream to create a family legacy. He invested what little savings he accumulated from selling newspapers into a not-so-charming shop that offered just cigarettes, cigars, and dress shirts. And today? Well for one, we've definitely embraced the whole dress shirt thing. And while we've dropped the cigars and kicked that cigarette habit, we've added women's contemporary and designer collections. We've also introduced men's contemporary and luxury sportswear, but we didn't stop there. Because of my grandfather, we now present more luxury tailored clothing than any store in the entire country. Thanks, Pop! What we wear is an expression of who we are, how we think, and what we do, so we're here to enhance how you perceive yourself and how the world perceives you. And since thriving in today's world is so incredibly taxing, we've decided you shouldn't do it alone. We're here to help, so just say the word, because what we cherish most isn't the evolution of our product offering, but it's how we offer it: with the same old-world principles and lost-art service that has kept the wind in our sails for almost 80 years running...Today, we're a proud family of 120 employees. Yes we take our business seriously, and on occasion we even dress seriously, but we never take ourselves too seriously because nothing lasts forever. So, come say hello already, because while we no longer sell newspapers, we like to think that we're still newsworthy! -Alex Gushner (4th generation)”

FAVE BRAND: Bottega Veneta

4 / Blue Sole Shoes

ABOUT: “Founded in February of 2007, Steve Jamison’s Blue Sole Shoes is the premiere men’s boutique for high-fashioned footwear and accessories in Philadelphia. Steve was honored with the MICAM Award for “Best Italian Foreign Buyer” in 2015, an accolade given by the leading international footwear forum, held in Milan, and promoted by the Association of Italian Footwear Manufacturers. In 2016, Jamison expanded his store and unveiled a new facade, which exposed more of his high-fashioned shoes, socks and accessories to the constant flow of Philadelphians and tourists who pass by the tiny boutique located in the heart of Philadelphia’s busiest retail corridor. Blue Sole Shoes has become the destination for fine men’s footwear in the City of Brotherly Love, with Steve Jamison’s serious emphasis on customer service on display six days a week.”

FAVE BRAND: Les Hommes

5 / Sherman Bros Men's Shoes

ABOUT: “Since 1953, Sherman Brothers has furnished the men of the Greater Philadelphia area with the finest footwear the industry has to offer. Our commitment to selling high quality shoes to fit every need and budget separates us and enables us to give our customers a very pleasurable shopping experience. With brands such as Alden, Santoni, Johnston & Murphy, Olukai, Alan Payne and Cole Haan just to name a few, you can be sure to find a style to fit any of your footwear needs.”

FAVE BRAND: Wolverine 1000 Mile

6 / Suplex

ABOUT: “A group of guys that love sneakers decided to create a marketplace that the sneaker community can be proud of. Founded on a true passion for sneakers and fueled by the desire to share our vision with others who share the same interest. Our goal at Suplex is to exceed customer and consignor expectations, earning your trust and respect to buy and sell sneakers for you.”


7 / Lapstone & Hammer

ABOUT: “ In this modern world of instant gratification, vast social connectivity, and mass produced factory fashion, the ancient ways of our ancestors can easily be overlooked and under-valued. When we now have the ability to order a product from halfway around the globe with just the click of a mouse, things like quality craftsmanship and service tend to become relics of a forgotten past. At Lapstone & Hammer, our mission is to honor the artistry and traditions of the past while fully embracing contemporary culture and fashion.”

FAVE BRAND: Aime Leon Dore

8 / Atmos (UBIQ)

ABOUT: “Back in the early 2000s, UBIQ founder John Lee and atmos founder Hommyo Hidefumi met in Philadelphia during what they call “the gold rush of sneakers”. With a shared obsession, and matching one another’s level of hustle and grit, they started a global enterprise well before streetwear set a fire worldwide.Years later - UBIQ and atmos have merged with the goal of bringing that Japanese passion of kicks back to the place it all started.”

FAVE BRAND: Brain Dead

9 / Franklin & Poe

ABOUT: “Franklin & Poe is a reflection of the community in which we live. We take inspiration from the history of our city, our hard-working neighbors, and the friends and family that surround us. We offer a collection of quality clothing and durable goods for both men and women, with an emphasis on products expertly and ethically made in the USA, Japan, and Europe. Products that enhance our lives and get better with age. Products that tell a very personal story through every memory and moment they absorb. They are timeless and durable; meant to be worn hard, loved hard and handed down. Embodying the idea that hard-working hands create the most beautiful things.”

FAVE BRAND: Redwing Heritage

10 / Benjamin Lovell

ABOUT: “When he opened his first store in Philadelphia 20 years ago, Benjamin Lovell wanted to sell consumers more comfortable shoes for navigating the city. With his background as a Clarks executive, Lovell jumped on the comfort movement early, successfully turning his single store into a five-unit chain. Benjamin Lovell is where style fits you perfectly.”


11 / Erdon

ABOUT: “Donna Sandoz opened her first store Primadonna” in Medford, NJ in 1992. After 20 years in business, Donna re-branded. The new name combines Eric, her son, and Donna. This signifies the strength of a family business. Donna and her daughter, Carli, work side by side curating and styling in Old City, Philadelphia. Since the very beginning our vision of providing a unique mix of European, Japanese, and American designers in a relaxed gallery atmosphere has never changed. ERDON continues to bring the freshest of fashion to you! Since 1992 we have been on the forefront of fashion and customer service. We pride ourselves in being a full service boutique; able to complete your entire look from head to toe! From humble beginnings, ERDON is proud to be recognized amongst the fashion industry as one of the ‘Best Boutiques’, and even more than that a place that customers feel confident in the wardrobe that they invest in from us.”


12 / Kin

ABOUT: “Kin Boutique is an inclusive womxn's clothing boutique and shoe store in Philadelphia. Shop our entire product line, including Senso shoes, Citizens of Humanity, Adina Reyter and more.”



So there we have it our best Shoe Stores in Philadelphia. What do you think?