GRETA Tartan Knee High Black
GRETA Tartan Knee High Black
GRETA Tartan Knee High Black

GRETA Tartan Knee High Black

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GRETA Tartan Knee High black by Swedish Stockings. Designed in Sweden and made in Italy. 

Our popular Greta sock has grown taller. Here’s why you’ll love her:

- 20 denier tartan knee-highs
- Sheer
- Soft and broad cuff
- 100% emission-free tights
- Knitted from recycled yarn

Greta is knitted in our zero-waste, emission-free facility in Italy.
Composition: 92% recycled polyamide, 8% recycled elastane

Since the start, Swedish Stockings mission has been to change and influence the entire industry towards sustainable production. They've always prioritized and believed in their fight to be for the planet. However, sustainability consists of three pillars: social, financial and environmental. They have prioritized the environmental portion above the other two, but during the past year they have expanded on this and decided to include sustainability in the word Responsibility. Responsibility from a wider perspective – providing transparency throughout the production chain all the way to the end consumer.