YDUN Mesh Elephant Sneakers
YDUN Mesh Elephant Sneakers
YDUN Mesh Elephant Sneakers
YDUN Mesh Elephant Sneakers
YDUN Mesh Elephant Sneakers
YDUN Mesh Elephant Sneakers
YDUN Mesh Elephant Sneakers

YDUN Mesh Elephant Sneakers

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YDUN Suede Mesh II Elephant Sneakers, from Woden, a Scandinavian shoe company. A classic and elegant dark grey mesh sneaker with fish leather detailing. Breathable materials such as calf suede and mesh ensure a perfect fit.

All sneakers feature FIFTY: the backing material of the sneaker consists of at least 50% recycled polyester from PET bottles. The firm heel cap actively ensures stability and a better gait. The removable insole of naturally shock-absorbing cork provides a healthy environment for your feet. Outsole of natural rubber combined with ordinary rubber and at least 10% recycled rubber for a flexible and durable sneaker.

Size Guide: 

37=6-6.5 38=7-7.5 39=8-8.5 40=9-9.5 41=10-10.5

NOTE: These run small.

Sneakers for women from WODEN

Combine functionality with Scandinavian design in a pair of women’s sneakers from WODEN. WODEN’s trend-conscious designers make sneakers in a variety of styles, so there’s sure to be a pair that suits you and your lifestyle. This popular Ydun style is on-trend with the new fresh colors for spring.

In addition, you will also find a wide range of sneakers whose styles change from season to season to match the latest trends. So if you find a pair of sneakers you’ve fallen in love with, hurry up and buy them before they sell out!

Comfortable sneakers that fit the urban lifestyle

All women’s sneakers from WODEN have a removable insole of cork, which is naturally shock-absorbing. This cork sole contributes to a comfortable environment in the shoe all day long, providing optimum comfort and support for the foot for the urban lifestyle.

Life in the city is demanding when it comes to comfort and fit, which is why WODEN has developed the NATURAL SOFT midsole consisting of soft polyurethane. The sole has a fixed frame and soft cushion at the
center to give you optimum support, first-class fit and comfort. 

Quite a few of these sneakers are crafted from fish leather, primarily salmon. Salmon skins are a by-product of the fishing industry. Only 1% of salmon skins are utilized and the remainder is discarded. Salmon leather is an incredibly durable and resistant material, and it also brings a beautiful look to the shoes.